Jet Reports Training Online

#StayAtHome and study online! Use this time productively and upskill yourself, see all the power and squeeze the maximum from the product you use. You will need to allocate just 4 hours daily over 3 days to gain comprehensive knowledge and you can successfully combine it with your everyday work.
  • Great training that helped more than 700 people to improve their everyday reporting
  • The best and the most experienced trainers from Data Courage
  • 12 hours of gaining knowledge
  • Training materials and practical tasks
“Completely transformed my view on Jet. Gone from seeing it as unstable, cumbersome and slow to see the significant potential for implementation in the process compared to our old system. Time taken to look at real problems for our business was particularly helpful”
“The trainer was very knowledgeable and patient when explaining things”
“Clear build up from basic things to more complex later, the level of the course ideal for all levels of database users. I liked practical exercises, now I see the potential of Jet Reports”
Training agenda
Day 1.
  • 1. Introduction to Jet Reports
  • 2. Users Overview
  • 3. Jet Reports ribbon overview
  • 4. Report in Jet Reports
  • 5. NAV tables
  • 6. Excel references
  • 7. Function overview
Day 2.
  • 1. Report Options
  • 2. Jet Scheduler
  • 3. Excel Named Ranges
  • 4. Dynamic Listing:
  • • Summary Lists
  • • Detailed Lists
  • 5. The Anchor Row
Day 3.
  • 1. Grouping report
  • 2. Subtotals for Grouping
  • 3. Table Builder
  • 4. Browser
  • 5. Q&A
Jet Reports Training Online
Full Jet Reports training in a convenient online format! Anywhere you are, you can now attend Jet Reports Training - the same great training in the online format. We will teach you how to create stunning reports and show you what is Jet Reports is capable for. Learn best practices and improve your everyday reporting experience. Contact us to learn more.
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